Pine Grove Baptist Church Cemetery
Martin, Lauderdale County, Mississippi
Pine Grove Researchers
Claudia Wright -- Hodges, Davis, Saterfiel, Huertt, EtheridgeAlso Radford, Stokley, Ross, Warren, Tinnen, Clay, Moore, Maxey, Hales. All of these are Hodges related.
Ken & Renée Clay -- Clay, Hand, Fortson, Powell, Radford
Emma Lou Price -- Burt, Schrimpshire, Fitzgerald, Mayfield, Cox, Crosby, Goleman (to name a few). Her husband's lines are Price, Hand, Thompson, Brashears, Crawley, Knox, Honeycutt and Camp.  Most of Emma's family
lines are from Clarke County, Mississippi.
Fithian Cutrer Jones --- Jones, Edwards, Brewer, Lowery, Tucker, Vincentheller, Coleman, Blanks, Berryhill, Barfield
Jeanette Howell --- Bruner, Byrd,  Dillard, Duke, Filmer, Folliott, Green, Hackworth, Hall, Hansford, Hicks, Hodges, Howell, Howze/House, Isbell, James, Jones, King, Marvel, Marston, Miller, Murfield, Parker, Partin, Plummer, Radford, Rainey, Ransom, Rawlings, Rivers, Roberts, Ross, Sisson, Slayden/Slaton, Till, Vaughan, Wheatley, Whitley, Wood/s, Yarbrough, Yarrell